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23.18 Marco's Newsletter


  • Chefarzt wird neuer Präsident der Krebsliga Schweiz article
  • Unispital Zürich ernennt neuen Chef der Viszeralchirurgie article


  • When Two Giants Intersect: Healthcare Meets Fintech podcast

Value Based Healthcare (VBHC)

  • The immaturity of patient engagement in value-based healthcare Study


  • Zwei Managed Care-Organisationen schliessen sich zusammen article
  • Another Mega-Merger: Is It Different? article
  • 'We never saw Risant Health coming': What leaders are saying about the Kaiser-Geisinger deal article
  • Gail Wilensky on the Geisinger deal article
  • Corporate Giants Buy Up Primary Care Practices at Rapid Pace article
  • Versorger Med 360° gehört ab Juli mehrheitlich Sana article
  • Finnish startup expands reach with the acquisition of digital identity and wearable technology company article
  • Pharmaunternehmen übernimmt DiGA-Hersteller article

Digital Health insurance

  • Embedded Health: Creating shared value in digital health ecosystems whitepaper

Health Systems under pressure

  • Cuts ahead: Health systems rethink non-clinical job needs article
  • Dem Swiss Medical Network gehen die Hebammen aus article
  • Erhebung zeigt: Physiotherapie gilt als unterbezahlt article

Health Systems performing

  • Jahresplus von 1,3 Millionen Euro für die Charité article
  • Berlin: Wie Charité und Vivantes den digitalen Austausch vorantreiben article
  • Auch das Spital Männedorf schliesst mit Gewinn ab article

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • MyRenalCare app trial increased outpatient capacity by 30% article
  • Sibel Health announces a new FDA-clearance article

Hospital at Home

  • Augusta University Health saves $1.1M with home-based virtual care article
  • Mayo Clinic research on remote hospital care for a rural or urban home setting article
  • Suffolk County Council’s digital care programme results in £10m savings article
  • Virtual hospitals could offer respite to overwhelmed health systems article


  • South Korea pilots remote doctors collaboration system article
  • FirstHealth offers a powerful look at hybrid telemedicine in action article
  • 280+ telehealth companies to know article
  • Teleradiologische Dienste in RIS integriert article

Consumerization of Healthcare

  • Are health and wellness subscriptions the next frontier for grocers? article

Consumer Insights

  • Gen Z Is 'Generation Digital Health' as 62% Use Digital Patient Portals article

AI in Healthcare

  • KI kann Krebs drei Jahre vor der Diagnose erkennen Nature Publication
  • New AI tool predicts hospital discharge article
  • Is ChatGPT Healthcare's Autopilot? article
  • When Physicians Go Head-to-Head with Large Language Models article
  • Doctors team up with ChatGPT to handle flood of patient messages article


  • How Can Medtechs Prepare for the FDA’s Shift Left Strategy on Cybersecurity article
  • An Zero Trust kommt niemand vorbei article


  • Kaiser hit with proposed class-action lawsuit over third-party tracking tools article

Digital Health Startups

  • Switzerland's First Digital Health Startup Report Is Here article
  • Innosuisse Scale-up Coaching programme to boost 17 start-ups article

Startup Funding

  • Lucem Health Secures $7.7M for Agnostic AI-Powered Platform article
  • Digital health funding and deals roundup: JP Morgan backs Kindbody article


  • How Can Medtechs Prepare for the FDA’s Shift Left Strategy on Cybersecurity article