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23.01 Marco's Newsletter

With the best wishes for a healthy and successful 2023 here comes the first edition of Marco's Newsletter. This Newsletter will regularly summarize ideas that are advancing Healthcare and we do our best effort to distill Projects with real traction from the general "noise".

ideas that advance healthcare? - ideas that advance healthcare!

  • If this Newsletter wants to contribute to ideas that advance Healthcare which topics does it need to cover? Which questions do we need to ask? Which Projects will we follow and talk about?
  • So let's look at the two words "advance healthcare" and let's start with the latter one.
  • This Newsletter will cover how we take care of our health. This means that we will ask questions about health and the delivery of health services. This includes topics from Prevention to the early diagnose of diseases, to the management and cure of diseases.
  • The more interesting questions are behind the word "advance". We are asking what is advancing or improving our health and the delivery of health services?. Again we will take a broad perspective because these questions will lead us to topics such as "how to improve health and the outcomes of treatments for People?", "how to empower and motivate People to better take care of themselves?", "how to deliver health services to People in a more convenient way?", "how to finance healthcare?", "how to take care of our valued healthcare professionals and their risk for burnout?", "how to adress the shortage of healthcare professionals?", "the impact of reimbursement systems on the delivery of health services" and finally "the role that technology can take in delivering and financing healthcare".

Looking back at 2022 and welcoming 2023

  • We have created an overview of the main topics and news from 2022. Enjoy reviewing the last year's ideas in healthcare.
  • If you prefer looking into ideas for 2023 then here is your collection.

What do Health Consumers expect and want?

  • New insights from the USA stress the importance to offer the same convenience and efficiency of services in Healthcare that Consumers are used from daily life in other sectors.
  • Creating a unified platform for Consumers to access health services and insurance coverage comes out on top in the US.
  • Deloitte and digitalswitzerland have conducted two surveys with Swiss Consumers and show that in Switzerland the adoption of digital health services needs to adress some key questions: what is in it for the Consumer? Are my personal healthcare professionals part of the digital service? Can I share the insights with my family and trusted People? Who controls the data? Who is the owner of the service (trust)? How strong are Cybersecurity risks managed and controlled? Deloitte & digitalswitzerland report
  • Part of understanding Customer needs is looking at their behavior and spending in the App Store. Here I share the reports from data.ai with you which also contains insights into the "Health & Fitness" Category. Consumer App Spending 2022 Health & Fitness Apps

Healthcare Ecosystems in the making

Cyber-Attacks in Healthcare are real

  • Consumer's concern about their health data and the risk of cyber attacks needs to be taken seriously. As this news collection on Cyber Attacks shows, in 2022 there were many health systems that experienced real Cyber Attacks. Imagine your hospital going dark.... Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

Advancing Healthcare Delivery

  • Value Based Healthcare is a key concept to follow as it continues to change how Health Systems organize and deliver health services in a more integrated way with focusing payments on delivered health outcomes and measuring costs of delivered treatments as well.The total health collection as well as the value based healthcare collection keep you updated with news in this field.
  • There is a big hype in the market about "Digital Health". The question is "what is this topic about?" Is Digital Health more about Technology (digital) or is it more about Healthcare Delivery (Health)? In my view the main questions are all around delivering the right service at the right time to the right person. Technology questions as well as reimbursement questions are just enablers needed to create the health services. digital health collection
  • There has been quite a number of M&As in the market in 2022. This m&a collection summarizes the main deals
  • Here are some insights from One Medical's Innovation Chief, Rushika Fernandopulle on Amazon's acquisition and more. Article
  • Telehealth seems to make their way into health services also post-pandemic. The convenience offered by a remote-call with your doctor and mounting evidence about the medical benefit of virtual doctor calls are supporting the case and might also change reimbursement in more countries in the coming years. Telehealth's Popularity Evidence on Telehealth The challenges of online mental health Telehealth Collection
  • If you take Telehealth to the next level then you get to the exciting space of Remote Patient Monitoring (you might also call it Care at Home, Virtual Care, Hospital at Home or in any similar way). Basically you create a health service that allows to manage People from their home and reduce the in-office doctor visits or even the number of days in-hospital. We have created a collection dedicated to this topic and keep writing about it as we see real change and development happening in this area. RPM
  • Health Apps are increasingly becoming the status of a treatment backed by clinial studies. Germany went ahead in regulating this space and creating a market for DiGas. Here is a web service that gives you an overview on the status of DiGas in Germany. DiGa finden & nutzen

Want to develop your own Digital Health App?

  • The ftc has published a mobile health App Tool with a useful overview of laws and regulations you need to follow in the US if you want to bring a mobile health App to market. mobile health app tool
  • The FDA Collection brings you the FDA weekly news on decisions and regulations around Digital Health. FDA Collection

What will impact our health most in 2023?

  • ChatGPT has been all over the tech news in the last weeks of 2022. If you want to try it just follow this link.
  • To close this first Newsletter we are offering the unedited text from Chat GPT about the following question: "What will impact our health most in 2023?"

ChatGPT's unedited answer:
It is difficult to predict with certainty what will impact our health most in 2023. Some potential factors that could impact public health include the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, trends in lifestyle and behavior, advances in medical technology, and changes in the environment. It is important for individuals to take steps to protect their own health, such as getting vaccinated, practicing good hygiene, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding risky behaviors. It is also important for governments and public health organizations to be prepared to respond to and address health threats as they arise.

Marco.Health wishes you a happy new year and please feel free to forward this Newsletter to interested people.