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PHAIR – the future of drug safety

We care for a future with better, earlier, and more systematic drug safety monitoring and thereby improving medical treatment and increasing the safety and quality of life of patients in Denmark. 

We do that by combining the newest artificial intelligence research with large amounts of health data and epidemiological methods to develop a state-of-the-art system that will enable real-time and unbiased surveillance of drug safety. 

We've come together in a collaborative and cross-disciplinary effort that unites various essential stakeholders. This group includes the Danish Regions, Danish Patients, the Danish Medicines Agency, respected pharmacoepidemiologists, leading AI researchers, and a leading healthcare IT service provider in Denmark. 

By means of cross-disciplinarity and ethical data management compliance, PHAIR will take us toward a significant advancement, enabling us to develop models that among others will give us the opportunity to promote relevant and secure use of artificial intelligence in the area of health data analyses.