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Your VBHC Home

This page offers you a home on literature and case studies around the topic of Value Based Healthcare (VBHC). Please keep coming back because we will regularly update.


Marco.Health news on VBHC

Das Value Based Healthcare Buch

Value-Based Care in Action: A Growing, Necessary Disruption to the Status Quo

ICHOM: Improving Outcomes for All


Understanding VBHC

What is Value Based Healthcare?

M. Porter: Redefining Healthcare Book

M. Porter: Integrated Practice Units: A Playbook for Health Care Leaders article


ICHOM Website

VBHC Suisse Website

fmc - Forum für integrierte Versorgung Website

Global Innovation Hub for Value in Healthcare Website

Frameworks & Implementation

Case Studies

VBHC Guide for Investors read more

Catalyst NEJM on Value Based Healthcare: Publications

Das Value Based Health Care Buch

Patient Pathway Comparison for Total Hip Replacement in the United States and Germany — Why the Payment Model Matters read more



NHS: PROMs in the UK

PROM Guides from Heartbeat Medical

Germany: PROMIS Tools

Germany: Patientenberichtete Ergebnisse (PROs) erfolgreich nutzen

Reimbursement & Business Models