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23.02 Marco's Newsletter

Did anybody think that 2023 would start slow in Healthcare? Well, the length of this Newsletter has many interesting data points for you (depending on your focus). Here are the pieces of insights we have distilled for you in our weekly Newsletter:

New Competitors and Players in Medtech

  • After the industrial giant Siemens has spunoff its Healthcare division exactly 5 years ago this week it was the turn of GE's healthcare division. Here a new Medtech player is created that is looking after Market Leader Medtronic. article

Tough Year for Hospitals

  • Operating Margins in US Hospitals are below zero. Reported losses are between minus 100m and 1.5 billion in the case of Kaiser Permanente. article, article
  • According to PwC EBITDA of Swiss Hospitals reaches an average of 7.1% and still is below the 10% treshold for longterm sustainability. PwC Report
  • Kantonsspital Aarau is the first Swiss Hospital getting a 240m financial aid from the Government article
  • Swiss Hospitals warn about rising costs and request higher reimbursement. Patrick Schwendener from PwC puts the facts into context. article

Reforms and Change ahead of us

  • This article helps us think what a "hospital" is, does and how it is organized in the future. From ambulant care interventions to shorter hospital stays and quality treatment paths supported by technology and the full breath of medical knowledge to improve outcomes and reduce costs. However, if we want to change the way we deliver care and reap the benefits for society we need new processes, change in how we organize and also change in how we pay health systems and doctors for their services. article
  • Denmark invests 7bn Euros for their Super-Hospitals and Digitalization Strategy article
  • Germany is changing the reimbursement system for hospitals. Will the hospitals be financially more sustainable through a new reimbursement system? article 1, video, article 2
  • Switzerland is progressing towards new tarifs, reimbursements and healthcare financing systems that would address some of the misalignment of incentives that exist today. article 1 article 2
  • India is adding reimbursement and financial incentives to boost digital health record adoption. A pragmatic and realistic approach if you want to see user adoption of digital solutions. article

New Total Health Company

  • Value Based Healthcare is advancing through a new merger that creates a joint venture that integrates Hospitals, Primary Care Clinics and Health Plans in the US. Welcome to the Total Health Concept. UC Health & Intermountain

The struggles of insurtech

  • Even in the US the disruption of Health Insurance seems ready the insurtech companies are struggling to get this job done. articles

Healthcare has a Data Problem

  • Healthcare executives speaking at CES 2023 this week in Las Vegas say the industry has to evolve to keep up with the times. How it deals with collecting, analyzing and using data may be the key to that evolution.article

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