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23.03 Marco's Newsletter

The Healthcare Market keeps being active and moving.

Reimbursement for Remote-Patient-Monitoring

  • The Netherlands are launching a new reimbursement scheme for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth. Which are the next European Countries facilitating the use of Digital Health? article
  • The Swiss Telehealth Company OnlineDoctor collaborates with the AOK Health Insurance in Germany. article

Value Based Healthcare

  • The National Health Authority of India will now incentivise hospitals for providing valuable service through a new initiative. article
  • An amazing example of VBHC: managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) at home. article
  • Diabetes: Omada, Intermountain Health to collaborate on the Diabetes Prevention and Diabetes Treatment Program. article
  • Part of delivering more value to people is being able to serve them from their home. This article discusses some challenges and 2023 trends for home care. article

Total Health in Practice

  • Direct Primary Care in the USA is a practical example of how total health with a flat-fee for customers and providers can be implemented to share risk and focus on value delivered. article
  • Doing Healthcare means adressing the Social Deteminants of Health as well. Total Health System Kaiser Permanente does exactly that in the US. article

Can Hospitals be sustainably run?

  • In the NZZ there is an overview of the financial situation of Swiss hospitals and the financial aid they need. article
  • Reflections and critical thinking on the Swiss Hospital landscape from Anna-Maria Müller. article
  • Inselspital with negative results 2022. article
  • Financial challenges for German hospitals. article
  • Hospitals under financial pressure on one side and in need to invest in innovation on the other side. An interesting article adressing this challenge for Health Systems. article
  • Not only hospitals have a sustainability challenge. Reimbursements and tarifs are often from a different age. Here an example from Hamburg, Germany. article
  • How will Germany's hospital landscape look like after the hospital reform? article

Health Systems M&A

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  • there seems to be significant M&A activity of Health Systems in the USA leading to a certain market consolidation. This article provides an overview.
  • M&A Trends from 2022 article

Becoming digital is a matter of Culture and Change Management

  • Here comes VentureBeat with a reminder that becoming an organization with digital services and implementing AI is a question of which culture the organization adopts and how capable of doing change management it is. No new insights. Very hard to implement. article

Telehealth usage

  • How much Telehealth and virtual consultations are really done when we look at numbers? US data was published this week and looks that it is mainly in the area of Mental Health. When will Telehealth become mainstream with serious reimbursements behind it? US Telehealth stats
  • The Telemedicine Landscape is Changing– Again article
  • Some insights into the 1M Telehealth visits delivered by Babylon article
  • An article on digital health services in Africa article
  • Virtual second opinions delivered by the Cleveland Clinic. Are Healthcare Services slowly getting internationalized (to a certain extent of course) and will the scale of US Health Systems be a competitive advantage? article
  • The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has developed a digital platform to bring telehealth services to remote populations in Latin American and Caribbean countries article
  • A Swiss Telehealth Project for the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients. article
  • Is virtual care delivering on its promise of improving access? article

Delivering Home Care

  • Monogram Health gets USD 375m to further expand its offering of managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) at home. article
  • Hinge Health launches an interesting hybrid model of virtual & home care. An interesting story to keep an eye on. article
  • Doing RPM and sending fewer people to hospitals and ERs. article
  • Davis Health has launched a home healthcare company that connects professionals with patients. article
  • This article discusses some challenges and 2023 trends for home care. article

Digital Pharmacy Innovation

  • An interesting article on where we stand with innovation in the Pharmacy sector a couple of hundered of million of investments later article
  • Can Pharmacies sell medications on Amazon? European Courts are working. article

The Consumerization of Healthcare

  • Moves that CVS has made in Healthcare. article

Healthcare Startups

  • An interview with Fabian Unteregger on Swiss Healthcare Startups article
  • What we all know: funding of digital health has declined in 2022. Here is some data. article

Oscar Health: The challenges of an insurtech

  • Oscar Health's CEO is giving some insights into the insurtech in this interview article

Improving Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

  • An interesting article giving an overview of the history of EHRs and where it is headed article

DiGa in Germany

Digital Health in the App Stores

  • In Denmark the MyDoctor App makes it among the top 20 Apps competing with Consumer Products such as Disney+ and Google Mapps. article

Welldoc wins award

  • Welldoc who is engaged in chronic care has won the innovation award in the USA. article

DTx for Migraine

  • An interesting review on how digital treatments can support people with Migraine article

Medication Prescriptions

  • Germany is working on the digital medication plan. article

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

  • Get an overview of the topics discussed at the JP Morgan Conference 2023 article

ChatGPT challenges Google and changes Healthcare?

  • An overview from Marcel Salathé on ChatGPT's impact on digital health article
  • Google introduces a ChatGPT like algorithm for Healthcare article
  • Paper: Large Language Models encode medical knowledge article

Ransomware attacks on Healthcare

  • Half of the attacks have disruped the delivery of healthcare article

FDA Update